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Redcar have established themselves as serious title contenders over the last few seasons and have completely changed their reputation in the Cab Direct Championship after several years of struggle.

2024 looks to be another season that offers much promise, as the Bears promotion have assembled an attractive looking 1 to 7 once again.

The Bears are headed by ex-British Champions Charles Wright and Danny King, who form one of the strongest heat leader duos in the league. Both are gutsy riders who never know when they are beaten, so the audience at the exciting Ecco Arena will not be short of entertainment once again in 2024. Wright is the current CLRC Champion and between him and King, there is likely to be a battle for the number 1 race jacket on Teesside which should bring out the best in both riders.

Redcar's third heat leader comes in the form of Dane Thomas Jorgensen. Jorgensen, like Wright, finished 2023 with serious injuries and his fitness at the start of the new season may be a concern. Jorgensen had a poor 2023 Championship season by his standards racing for Berwick, but a move to a Redcar track that offers ample opportunities for passing should be a very good move for both rider and club.

Redcar's second strings are both returnees from their 2023 side, Jason Edwards and Connor Bailey. Club asset Edwards has shown steady improvement at Championship level since joining the Bears in 2022 and in a reduced strength league, he should be a solid performer that can contribute consistently home and away. Regular racing in the Premiership with reigning league champions Sheffield will only benefit him too.

Bailey is the current British Under-21 Champion and is also the current Ecco Arena track record holder. He has made huge strides over the last season and there is no reason to believe that he cannot continue his progression in 2024. He evidently has a liking for life on Teesside and his addition completes a very well balanced and tidy looking top 5 for the Bears.

The Bears reserves for the new season include Jake Mulford who returns from the 2023 side and 17-year-old Ben Trigger. Mulford was making rapid progression at Championship level last year and was starting to deliver some big scores from reserve before an injury racing Grasstrack brought his season to an early finish. If he can start where he left off, Mulford will be a strong reserve for the Teesside outfit in 2024 and could be their trump card.

Trigger joins the Bears after spending 2023 at reserve with home club Plymouth. He may have not scored consistently in that position last year, but Trigger has the advantage of a year's Championship experience under his belt and that will have been a factor in the promotion's decision to bring him all the way from the south coast every week. His willingness to make this commitment shows good dedication to his career and he is very capable of competing with the other youngsters who are lining up opposite him this season.

BSN Verdict:

Redcar have built a very tidy side and will start as one of the favourites for the 2024 campaign. They have one of the strongest head leader trios and a potential trump card at reserve in Mulford. However, the Bears have 3 hugely important riders returning from serious injuries, so their fortunes will revolve around whether all 3 have fully recovered by the start of the season.


Charles Wright

Danny King

Thomas Jorgensen

Connor Bailey

Jason Edwards

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