STEVE Worrall admits he is up for the “challenge” of two new clubs in 2024. 

The British Championship runner-up openly confesses he is out of his comfort zone by signing for fresh tracks at Birmingham and Glasgow for this season. 

But Worrall, 32, wants to deliver more domestic glory and another crack at the British Grand Prix.

He revealed: “I like being settled. In the past I’ve never really swapped around much. 

“So this year will be a bit of a challenge settling into two new tracks. It’s not like I’m going to a team abroad and everything is completely new. 

For the second time in six years, Worrall came within four laps of being crowned British Champion at the National Speedway Stadium.

But on both occasions - behind Craig Cook and Dan Bewley - he has had to settle for silver. 

However, the prize last season was the golden ticket as a wild card to the British Grand Prix at the wonderful Principality Stadium. 

That certainly did not go to plan though with Worrall picking up just one point from five outings.

He has clearly analysed the reasons behind his below par result and wants another shot at the big boys. He added: “Once you’ve had a taste of it, you want it again. In the British Final I’ve been second before, that’s nothing new. 

“But obviously finishing runner-up twice is frustrating. You are so close.

“In meetings like that so many factors come into play like the weather and how your draw goes. What gates you get when you are up against certain riders. There’s a lot to it. 

“The Cardiff Grand Prix was huge. Maybe that’s the downfall of me being quiet is the confidence side of things. 

“Going into that meeting I knew I had raced those guys before but I probably had too much respect for them. 

“Once you start lining up against them a few times you think to yourself if I gate here, I’ve got you. 

“But when you are not racing them and just watching them on TV, it becomes different. 

“I think at Cardiff that played a big part of it and the entire event. Most riders all their career want to get to that level. You get it and think Jesus Christ it’s strange the whole day and your feelings. 

“You are rushing around because you do the Fanzone then getting back to be read quickly for the presentation. 

“Once you’ve done it a few times you know how it all works. When you are new to it you find yourself rushing because you haven’t screwed your clutch in.

“I’d love another go at it. I’d treat it all differently. I wouldn’t put so much pressure on myself next time. I’d have nothing to lose.”


Words by Holeshot Media. 

Images by Taylor Lanning.