Thanks to the generosity of BSN subscribers, a donation of £962 has been made to Edinburgh photographer Peter Hill.

Peter was injured after being struck by a bike in a freak accident during the Edinburgh V Poole fixture on 4th August, streamed live on BSN.

We are pleased to report that Peter is recovering well from his injuries and has even been able to return to Armadale to watch the Monarchs race again.

Below is a message that Peter has asked us to pass on to all those who donated their refunds to him:

"I'd like to pass on my thanks to everyone who was kind enough to contribute I'd appreciate it and please accept my thanks for the extremely kind contribution from BSN!

For a quick update, I'm continuing to do well. Although not able to do any photography, I've been able to get out to Armadale and see everyone. The wounds on my head are healing really quickly after the surgery and I had my first set of x-rays on my neck last week which showed everything is healing as planned."

I'm stuck in a neck brace for another six weeks or so but once that's off there's no expectation that I'll need any further treatment bar perhaps a little physio on my neck if needed. In short, I'm already looking forward to the start of next season.