JUSTIN SEDGMEN is ready to “excel” again on his new home track at Edinburgh. 

The gritty Australian returns to Armadale nine years after being part of all the all-conquering title-winning sides in 2014 and 2015.

Sedgmen, 31, has elevated to a strong points scorer in the Cab Direct Championship and wants an improved season for the Stellar Monarchs. 

He said: “I wanted to eliminate some travelling and come back to Edinburgh as I enjoy it and generally always score well at Armadale. If you look at my past record and even last year, I had some good scores there.

“I wanted to come back as I really feel I can get dialled into Armadale quickly again and make it a dominant home track for me.

“I didn't really have that at Birmingham as the away riders seemed to ride it as well as the home guys so it was difficult to get the big points.

“Your home track should be where you score the most of your points and make the most of your money but that wasn't the case last year.

“My away average was higher than at home so if I can become dominant at Armadale and score as I was away then my average will go up so it made a lot of sense to come back.

“You want your home track to be where you score the big points, it is where more of your fans come out to see you so I wanted a home track I can excel on.

“I have ridden for Edinburgh before and there isn't the noise you get elsewhere in regards that you get left to do your own thing.

“The management let you know what is expected but they aren't at you constantly, generally that is a good thing so it is another reason I wanted to come back.

“I know last year wasn't the year the Monarchs wanted so everyone is determined to go better this year.”


Words by Holeshot Media. 

Images by Taylor Lanning.