EDINBURGH boss Alex Harkess wants his side to “surprise the speedway world” and beat Poole. 

The Stellar Monarchs want to end their season on a high by taking victory over the defending league champions at Armadale tonight (Friday).

Poole have already booked their place in the Championship Grand Final after beating Edinburgh on the south coast on Wednesday night. 

But Harkess hopes that his men can end the campaign in a positive manner. 

He said “Poole are very good, they finished top of the league, they are the people's favourites to win. 

“We are the complete underdogs, anything we do will be a surprise to the rest of the speedway world I suspect. Let's hope we can.”

The Monarchs are missing Craig Cook and have also lost guest Justin Sedgmen after his heavy crash at Redcar on Wednesday night. 

Poole ace Kyle Newman said: “I would love it if I could go to Edinburgh on Friday and have a night like I did last time there, at least that would help pay for the trip!

“But the main thing is to go there, get a bit of bike time, stay clear of any issues and prepare for the Finals that we have reached.”


EDINBURGH: Craig Cook r/r, Lasse Fredriksen, Kye Thomson, Paco Castagna, Josh Pickering, Dayle Wood, Bastian Borke.

POOLE: Richard Lawson, Anders Rowe r/r, Ben Cook, Zach Cook, Steve Worrall, Kyle Newman, Joe Thompson.


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Words by Holeshot Media. 

Images by Taylor Lanning.