EDINBURGH’S Josh Pickering broke down in tears as he quit the club and Championship racing. 

The Australian revealed he would be leaving the club after seven years at Armadale on Friday night.

Picko, 26, told fans the news in an emotional interview after their last home defeat to Poole.

He said: “This club means everything to me, they gave me my opportunity to come here. 

“It upsets me to say this but I do want to continue to try and progress as a rider and I'm going to have to drop this league next year. 

“I need to try to pick up something a bit more abroad. There are riders I've grown up with and I see they are doing big things out there. I definitely rate myself as one of these riders.

“I really do appreciate everyone that's stuck by me for the last seven years. Every person that's involved in this club, it's the best club in the world, I'm not embarrassed to be in tears because it is how I feel.”

It has been a tough season for the Monarchs as they finally crashed out to a heavy home defeat by Poole. 

Pickering added: “Keep showing up. Keep trying. It's never easy this sport. I felt the seven we started with at the start of the season were pretty good if we all could have got dialled in. 

“Edinburgh's goal always is to build a team to make the Play-Offs, but making the Play-Offs isn't enough for me, I've always wanted to win some silverware for this great club. 

"It's something we can hold our heads high for but it's nowhere near enough for me. It's a shame and I'm disappointed we didn't get to win the last few matches for the people that show up every single week, supporting us. It doesn't go unnoticed and it's much appreciated.”

The Monarchs board will be meeting early next week and thereafter will be giving out more news on the 2024 season.


Words by Holeshot Media. 

Images by Taylor Lanning.