SIMON LAMBERT created a slice of history for Scunthorpe and celebrated with a pizza. 

The Scorpions captain led his side to KO Cup glory with 12 points at Poole.

Then he revealed the team earnt their crust with a Domino’s in his van before returning home from Dorset. 

He said: “We are celebrating with a Team Lambert Domino’s pizza. We are sat in the van having a picnic before the five-hour journey home. 

“Obviously it’s hard to have a proper celebration because we are in Poole. There were a few fans there and they have been great all year. 

“I’m just so pleased I can give something back as a thanks to the sponsors, mechanics and everyone around me.”

There was a lovely moment for Lambert as he gave his winner’s medal to son Kai before the cup presentation. 

He added: “It was extra special to have my son Kai with me. He brought his bike and did some laps in the pits before the meeting. 

“Then I got to put the gold medal round his neck at the end of the night and it’s a night I’ll never forget and hopefully he never forgets. 

“Rob promised me I could take the cup home. I’ve told Kai I’m sleeping with the cup tonight so he’s on his own!”

Lambert reeled off four wins as the Scorpions withstood Poole’s push to try and overturn the four-point deficit from the first leg. 

He added: “I’m absolutely over the moon to be fair. It’s not my favourite track Poole but I guess I stepped it up a bit tonight. 

“I’m so happy, not just for myself but for Rob Godfrey and everyone at the club. 

“It’s a brilliant night, I got to lift the cup, I’ve always dreamed of doing that. Now we need to push on and look to next year and win the league title.

“It wasn’t too bad the track really, it rode well. Even though people said a four pint lead wasn’t a lot, I genuinely believed it was enough. We drew there again which is a great achievement. 

“We would have loved to have the second leg in front of the fans. But I think Rob wanted the first leg so we could take a good lead to their place with momentum.”


Words by Holeshot Media. 

Images by Taylor Lanning.