DREW KEMP says he can overcome his previous “negative thoughts” to progress into the big time. 

The Great Britain hot prospect returns to Leicester in the Premiership after a hugely-promising 2023 as a Rising Star in the East Midlands. 

Kemp, 21, has had a bumpy ride with belief since bursting into the headlines in late 2018 after a sensational debut in the Championship. 

But now the Ipswich-born kid is ready to take the next step in the sport. 

He said: “I feel I can push on this year and just ride my bike. When I do that without any negative thoughts, I do go quite well. That’s the plan. 

“I’m at a track now with Leicester where I can progress. I was there last year and now again in 2024 which is something I’ve never done. 

“I’ve got the right people around me, the right sponsors, good equipment. I feel like everything is falling into place gradually.”

Kemp, who will also ride for Berwick in the Cab Direct Championship and Lodz in Poland, has spent the close season racing as much as possible and mostly on the BEACH!

He added: “I’m one of those riders who wants to be on a bike all the time so I’ve kept racing during the winter. Some people like a rest and I can understand that. 

“A rest for me is actually practising. I’ve managed to be out on a bike, mainly on the beach with the sand racing.

“It’s good to keep yourself race fit, mind alert and get the adrenaline up ready for the new speedway season.”


Words by Holeshot Media.

Images by Taylor Lanning.