JACOB HOOK felt he had a “point to prove” after a strong debut for Berwick. 

The young Australian has produced a great start to his career with the FTS Bandits and continues tonight at Birmingham, live on BSN.

Hook could turn out to be a crucial signing just days after he was sacked by Edinburgh. 

He said: “It was pretty good to get the phone call straight away after being released from Edinburgh. There’s no hard feelings between me and the club. It’s just a numbers game and something had to be done. 

“It was good to have no time off from the bike. I just kept plugging away against Oxford. I’ve had paid six at Redcar and paid seven at home so it’s a decent start.

“I’m starting to feel more comfortable around Berwick. That was my first home meeting for the Bandits, hopefully we can build on that. 

“I didn’t take it to heart or hold a grudge. But I went out at Berwick to prove a point. It’s a good place to start and hopefully keep improving for now on. 

“Berwick are a great bunch of guys, they haven’t put any pressure on me. They’ve just told me to go out there and do my thing.” 

Troy Batchelor and Sam Hagon make their home debuts as Brummies chase their first home win of the season. 

New team boss Stewart Dickson said: “We need to kickstart our season sooner rather than later and a win over the Bandits would be more than very welcome indeed, for sure.

“The riders and the supporters know that I’m already looking for Birmingham to be more competitive; I want to see that focus, that steely determination and that desire needed to win a speedway meeting.

“I wouldn’t say it’s make or break, but these next few days are big for Birmingham and the rest of our season.”


BIRMINGHAM: Nick Morris, Alfie Bowtell, Troy Batchelor, Dan Thompson, Justin Sedgmen, Sam Hagon, Joe Thompson.

BERWICK: Rory Schlein, Thomas Jorgensen, Jye Etheridge, Jonas Knudsen, Leon Flint, Jacob Hook, Connor Coles.


Words by Holeshot Media.

Images by Taylor Lanning.