NEW Apprentice star Paul Bowen is a pie entrepreneur who raced for the Belle Vue Colts and wore a WIG on First Dates.

The cheeky Chorley chatterbox has got the gift of the gab on the British Speedway Network as a presenter. 

Now Bowen, 34, will come up against Lord Sugar in the new BBC series but has already been a business guru success with his pies empire. 

He raced for the Colts speedway side at the National Speedway Stadium but had to quit to focus on his pies which were previously sold at Manchester City, Watford and Silverstone F1. 

On getting signed up by The Apprentice, he vowed: “Lord Sugar get the roller warmed up and make sure there’s enough ink in the pen to that that £250k cheque. Apprentice it’s time to get powered by pies.”

Bowen became a social media viral superstar when he went on First Dates and a video of him having a wig fitted which had 25 MILLION YouTube views.

On First Dates, Bowen revealed to his beau on the show that he was wearing a wig - and that went viral on Lad Bible - along with a video of him having his hairpiece fitted.

He revealed: “I did have a chat with Fred Sirieix afterwards and we had a laugh after he said “I like your wig!’

“To be fair she pied me off at the very end off camera. I was scared they would pick that up and humiliate me, but they didn’t which was good.

“The wig story went viral on Lad Bible before First Dates from my Snapchat videos. I went bald from a very young age at like 20. Now and again I’d do video spoofs of how to grow your hair and obviously none of them worked.

“I then went for a consultation and then got sold on this wig. So I thought I’d video story it being fitted, mainly in case it was s*** so that nobody would go for it again after me. Then everyone can have a right good laugh at the fact it wasn’t great.

“But it was totally the opposite, it was really good. I wanted to make a big thing out of it because being bald as a young male does effect you. If I could show you can change that and be happy in a fun way, then it was worth it.

“That then went viral again after First Dates because I mentioned it on the date. I’m quite open about it and laugh about it.

“The Lad Bible video has got over 15million views, the First Dates video almost 10 million and I’ve got 20,000 likes on Facebook as a comedian.

“It’s mad really. I do get stopped on the street for a picture. On top of all that I do speedway as well and have a pie business, so I’m a jack of all trades.

“Marketing is my strong point but at the moment we are too busy to do any marketing.”

Bowen has been dubbed ‘The Peter Kay of pies’ for his comedy and crusts combination. 

He has now quit racing bikes and has started a new business of marketing electric speedway bikes. 

But his main focus remains on his Bowen’s pies enterprise, adding “We are doing now over 30,000 pies a week and that’s up to around 1.5million a year which is pretty good going.”

Despite being a speedway athlete at one stage, he still ate all his own pies. 

He added: “I still eat my own pies, they are healthy. Everything in moderation is fine.”


Words by Holeshot Media. 

Images by Taylor Lanning.