ADAM ELLIS says being too serious “frazzles his brain” and is ready for a fresh start at Ipswich.

The former British Champion is fired-up to return to form in the UK with last season’s Premiership runners-up. 

Ellis, 27, had a tough 2023 with Sheffield but is convinced linking up with top names will help his racing go to the next level. 

He said: “A change of club in Poland will do me good, riding for Hans Nielsen at Pila. That’s probably one of the main reasons to move there. I feel like he’s someone I can tap into to get as much out of him as possible. 

“It’s good to go back to Ipswich. I’ve got a really good relationship with Chris Louis and Richie Hawkins. 

“Guys like Jason Doyle and Emil Sayfutdinov, you don’t get to ride with those guys every week on a normal basis. It’s a chance to go back there with a fresh start. 

“I am trying to surround myself with good people to help me take the next step. 

“I am the way I am. I am laidback, I try not to think too much on the meeting ahead when I get to the track. 

“I’ve been working with a sports psychologist in France for a few years.

“I was trying to be more focused. When I get the best out of myself is when I’m enjoying it. If I’m too serious, it just frazzles my brain. 

“I want to get to the next step and race in the Grand Prix series and be in the top league in Poland. 

“I want to do it for myself, not to shut people up. I don’t really care what people have to say or think.

“Most of them are sitting in their armchair with nothing else to do. I don’t really do social media much. I don’t do Twitter anymore because that’s just pretty depressing. But rarely do I look up what people have to say. They get themselves worked up about it more than I do!”


Words by Holeshot Media. 

Images by Taylor Lanning.