THE British Speedway Network are delighted to announce a partnership with the Speedway Riders’ Benevolent Fund. 

Since our inaugural streaming season in 2022, BSN has always been a great admirer of the SRBF and its incredible service to riders in need. 

In 2024 BSN will step up that support for the Ben Fund, a partnership to raise awareness for the sterling work of this wonderful - and vital - charity on our streaming service. 

Chairman of the SRBF Paul Ackroyd said: “The SRBF is delighted and grateful to receive the backing and support of BSN .

“The more people becoming aware of our charity, will enable us to continue and expand the work we do in assisting current and retired riders both long and short term.

“Over the years since 1948, when it was formed, the SRBF has evolved greatly, and thanks to the generous support from loyal speedway fans we have been able to undertake major projects to make life a little easier for those riders who have suffered life changing injuries.”

BSN co-director Ben Duffill added: "We are proud to step up our support of the SRBF in 2024. When Martin Hunter and I created BSN, the driving motivation was to support British Speedway and there is no bigger supporter of British Speedway's participants than the Ben Fund.

"BSN now has a good reach across both British and World Speedway, so we would like to use that to help raise awareness of the Ben Fund and the valuable work that the charity and its volunteers do on a daily basis.

Donations can be made to the SRBF here


Images by Taylor Lanning.