BELLE VUE’S Dan Bewley will face his biggest rivals and pals as he bids for a hat-trick of British Championship titles.


The ATPI Aces star takes on his GB team-mates Tai Woffinden and Robert Lambert as they return to the national event at the National Speedway Stadium on Saturday night (7.30pm).


It’s the most decorated line-up in the Championship for over a decade and Bewley knows it will be tough going to make it title No.3. 


He said: “Tai and Robert have finally decided to come and play. That’s good to see.


“It’s always a good meeting and a little bit different this year being on a Saturday. I feel like it’s always a good crowd. People from all over, it gives them a chance to travel. I think it will be even bigger.”


Three-times world champion and Britain’s greatest-ever rider Woffinden will be Bewley’s biggest challenge along with former Brit title winner Lambert. 

Woffinden said: “I’m definitely getting old! We all push each other. Whether that’s in the Grand Prix or World Cup, we are all pushing each other on in some sort of way. 


“I’m looking forward to doing the British Final. Obviously it’s been nine years, wow. I don’t like hearing stats like that!


“It’s going to be great and nice warm-up for the Speedway of Nations. So we’ll see who’s on form and who gets that 100 per cent team spot and who’s the third rider. 


“All these events push us on. We’ll all be racing and what to win this and that. You want to get the win over Dan or Rob in the Grand Prix.


“But it’s good fun. We have good camaraderie between us all. It’s a pleasure to hang out and race against those boys.


“Everyone likes riding at the NSS. It’s a pretty easy track so I guess everyone can go quick there as well.


“It’s the same as this year, it’s another meeting on the calendar. I’m riding in England, I’m British, bikes are here and no stress with travel. So yeh, it makes sense. 


“I’ve never really looked at it like that. But yes probably at some point along the years, the British Championship was a key part of it.


“It’s an important title to me, probably the same as everyone views the national title. Obviously the World Championship stuff comes first; individual, team and then the next thing would be the British Championship.


“I’m hoping there is going to be a big crowd there. It’s probably the strongest British Final there has been for a while. We’ll see if that makes a difference to the crowd. 


“Obviously it’s only a one-off meeting so someone will be crowned British Champion at the end of it. I’m looking forward to it.”


It’s been a six-year absence for Lambert since his win in 2018 ahead of Bewley and Craig Cook. 


He admitted: “I haven’t been racing in the UK but I definitely know the Manchester track well. I’ve got the gold medal with GB there. 


“Yeh I know the place and it will be good practice for the Speedway of Nations and definitely looking forward to getting the elbows out. Maybe once again lifting that trophy.  It would definitely mean a lot to come back and do that.”



DRAW: 1 Drew Kemp, 2 Robert Lambert, 3 Chris Harris, 4 Simon Lambert, 5 Craig Cook, 6 Connor Mountain, 7 Adam Ellis, 8 Tai Woffinden, 9 Lewis Kerr, 10 Steve Worrall, 11 Dan Bewley, 12 Anders Rowe, 13 Jordan Jenkins, 14 Tom Brennan, 15 Charles Wright, 16 Kyle Howarth. Reserves: 17 Freddy Hodder, 18 Matt Marson.



Words by Holeshot Media.

Images by Taylor Lanning.